A Silly New Years Resolution


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I never really take NY Resolutions seriously to begin with. Honestly, how many of us do? I think I’m going to have a simple yet challenging goal for myself. I’m going to try and submit more reviews to TripAdvisor and Yelp.

I know, it sounds really easy and simple but I feel that I suck at writing reviews. I have a hard enough time just writing them for “fun” here on the blog. The thought of someone else reading it for advice on where to stay, eat or visit freaks me out a bit. The only way to get better though is to write more of them. Plus, I use TripAdvisor before every trip. I feel like I “owe it” to them (not sure who I mean by “them?” Other reviewers/users?) to give a little something since I’m always “taking.” I feel like the trip next year to Hawaii will provide me a great chance to write some reviews. I actually wrote a few for some past trips I took this year to kick things off. Plus I head off to Chicago for New Years Eve which will give me a few more chances to write some reviews on things there. Of course I can always review local things to which is probably what I’ll try to do more of on Yelp.

Do you guys have any silly or simple goals or resolutions? Or do ya just skip that foolishness altogether?


“Rock Of Ages” Movie Trailer!


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I’m actually excited for it now that I’ve seen the trailer. It doesn’t look too bad from what I can tell. I was wondering how they’d change it to make it work as a movie. It looks like instead of the German Businessman as the “bad guy”, it’s going to be the Catherine Zeta-Jones character. I wish they would’ve shown more Russell Brand though. I think he could be really good in his role.

Anyone else looking forward to this? I think it comes out next June!

Bye Bye Domain


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I had been receiving the emails for a few months. They were reminders that my domains were getting ready to expire. I knew of one that I wasn’t going to renew because I ended up not sticking with it, the other I was keeping for various reasons. Then there was the personal blog. Do I keep it? Do I cancel it? I ended up letting it expire. I feel that I’ve moved on from it. I hadn’t blogged there in a few months, probably longer now that I think about it. I’ve been doing most of my blogging here. It still wasn’t an easy choice to make. We get attached to our blogs. It’s a way for people to find us, especially if you’ve had it for a few years. I’m sure some of you out there understand! At the same time though, I think we out grow domain names and the “feel” of a blog.

We change, we move, we meet new people, start new jobs…it only makes sense that we start new blogs.

OMG! Hawaii Here I Come!


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It’s now official! I’ve put down the deposit for my trip to Hawaii in September 2012! I am beyond excited. I’ve always wanted to go and as a kid you were told it was really expensive and what not. Of course when you’re a kid everything’s expensive. We managed to score a sweet deal according to the travel agent. We’ll be staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village for a week. Our flights will be leaving from Chicago. Why Chicago? Well, that’s where my friends live that are going and it’s easier for one person to fly out to Chicago than to have three people fly out here to Baltimore. Plus we were able to book a non-stop flight. I love the place we’re staying at from what I’ve read. The fact that there’s a Hertz car rental on location is great. It makes it really easy to just rent a car for a day. I know the resort is close enough to walk to a ton of things too.

The best part is the fact we only had to put $200 down. At first we were told to expect to have to put the entire amount of the airfare down. That was a little crappy because I’m pretty sure that would’ve been around $600. We lucked out though because Apple Vacations has a contract or something with AA. I seriously squealed when I read the email and saw we only had to put the $200 down for a deposit. I love the fact we’re able to make payments. It makes it easier for everyone plus with the vacation so far out, I probably won’t have to use a credit card to pay for it which is always nice.

I’ve already started looking up things to do. I have a list of things I want to check out like Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head. I have to say, one of the best things about the internet is the fact you can now pay for vacation tours and excursions before you even get there. You don’t need to save up every penny now until you leave. You can book something in advance when you have the extra money or whatever. Or you can tell someone that’s what you want as a birthday present. It really is awesome. Oh, Internet, how I love you! Of course I want to do some “Hawaii Five-0” stalking as well. I have no idea if they film that late but I know some of the cast hangs out in HI after filming. Just this past week I saw on Twitter that Scott Caan walked into some restaurant shirtless (!!!) and ordered take out. I guess “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” doesn’t apply to you when you’re smoking hot.

I don’t think I can express how excited I am. I guess it’s time to start a “Vacation” envelope for all the extra money I come across! Do any of you have any exciting travel plans in the works?

Meeting Ed Reed & Jarret Johnson!


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I live in Baltimore and here we love and worship our Baltimore Ravens. I think one of the reasons why is because many of the players are really accessible. A number of them do radio shows, autograph signings and other events like showing up at schools. Hell, I was at a bull roast once and Ngata was there! It was a huge surprise.

A few weeks ago a friend and I headed off to a local sports bar for a radio show featuring Ed Reed. The weather was horrible and the Ravens had a short week which meant Monday practice. The show was only from 6pm-8pm and there was still no sign of Reed. We talked about leaving (by now it was 7:30) but couldn’t find our waitress. It was a good thing because in walked Reed. My friend tried to touch him and it was like slow motion. She loves Reed and it was pretty funny to watch. The fact that he still showed up with only 30 minutes to go was awesome. I wouldn’t have blamed him if he hadn’t showed up. It was Thanksgiving Week and like I said, the weather was shit. But he showed up! Not only that, he signed for us! Granted, it was a little unorganized but we managed to make our way up to him and get our little squishy footballs signed. My friend actually told him “I love you.” He smiled and laughed. We’re not sure, but she might be on a list of some sort now.

Ed Reed #20

Squishy Football!

Then this week Jarret Johnson was doing a signing at a local sports store. It wasn’t too far from work which was nice. We had to wait outside in the cold and rain but it was worth it. He was really nice and we were able to get a picture with him. I had him sign a different squishy football but it got smudged a little bit. It’s no big deal because I didn’t plan on selling it or anything. It was really organized though which was nice after dealing with the chaos of a radio show.

Jarret Johnson #95

Rock Of Ages: I Wanna Rock!


On the 3rd I went to see Rock Of Ages here in Baltimore at the Lyric. I’ve been wanting to see this show for awhile now but really didn’t feel like going up to NYC to see it. Luckily a few months ago I saw it was coming to down and a friend & I snagged a pair of tickets. Boy, were they awesome seats! We were about six rows from stage, center.

The show was amazing! It was funny and of course the music was kick ass. I mean, you can’t go wrong with songs by White Snake, Bon Jovi, Journey & Styx, just to name a few. It was great going into a show and being able to sing along. I loved the way they mixed the songs up though and made them their own. Obviously since it’s a musical a lot of the songs were used in conversation and they flowed wonderfully. It never felt weird or out of place. The cast was very entertaining and I loved the fact that the show was a little interactive. They seemed relaxed and like they were having a great time too. The audience had a great time too, which was obvious by the guy holding up his lighter during power ballads!

Oh and in case you don’t know what the show is about…it’s about a small town girl living in a lonely world and a city boy born and raised in South Detroit who meet in LA on the infamous Sunset Strip. She’s there to become an actress (aren’t they all?) and he wants to be a huge rock star. Along the way it turns out that developer wants to destroy the Strip and build a mall. Of course we know the two main characters are going to get together but they hit some snags along the road including her hooking up with some “big time” rocker and him ending up in a silly boy band. If you want more details check out Wikipedia.

I highly recommend seeing this show if the tour comes near you or if you’re heading to NYC in the future. It was really fun and not your typical musical which I loved. You can check out tour dates here! I actually loved the show so much, that I picked up the soundtrack on my way out. I’ve been rocking out in the car ever since!

FYI, I know it’s being turned into a movie but really, go see the show! It’s that awesome and I’m worried the movie won’t be as great. I’ll see it to compare but go! See it on stage!

Here’s a video from the 2009 Tony Awards of the Rock of Ages performance!

Hawaii Five-0: Wait, WHAT?!


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This is a Hawaii Five-0 spoiler/discussion post! If you haven’t seen this weeks episode please keep it moving! Also, there’s a spoiler from E! near the end of the post about a future episode, just a FYI!

It was a pretty decent episode. It wasn’t one of the best but it wasn’t horrible. I have a few issues though. We need more Kono and less Lori. Seriously, Kono would’ve kicked that bitches ass! Instead Lori goes running after her and Steve has to save her. The one thing I love about this show is the fact it has a kick ass woman in Kono. Now they bring in this chick who needs to be saved? Please. Just keep her behind the desk and let her do the paperwork and profiling.

Another little thing that bugged me was the fact Danny didn’t call Grace. I kept waiting. We knew she wasn’t on the bus but I feel like Season 1 Danny would’ve called her when the case was over just to say “I love you.” He’s the only one on the team with a child and it’s obvious cases like this get to him. Just go back to the scene where he’s looking out the school window at all the parents. I mean, look at this face of worry!

I’m starting to get worried we won’t see Grace this season and this upsets me. The relationship between Danny and Grace is adorable and is part of him. It makes Danny who he is! Only a father with a daughter would do this to a guy who kidnapped a bus full of kids:

Yet we never see him call her? Moving on…

I had a feeling that the father that showed up at HQ had something to do with it. I’ve learned a thing or two from all my years of crime show watching and true book reading. This guy was inserting himself into the investigation. You could just tell something was up! They did catch me with the Cartel guy though. That was a nice little twist they pulled off. Speaking of twists…


Please don’t Joe be an undercover baddie too! I don’t think Steve can handle anymore backstabbing! And who the hell is Shelbourne?! Could it be his dad? I mean, we never saw a body and we know how TV works! If you don’t see a body, they aren’t really dead! Who would Wo Fat be scared of? Why are people acting like Steve can’t handle the truth? He’s a grown ass man! I have all these questions and no answers and my head is going to explode!

But you know what makes my head explode with awesomeness? THIS:

Shannon: What’s coming up on Hawaii Five-0?! You’ve been holding out on us!
Fans will be meeting Danny’s (Scott Caan) former police partner in episode 15, when Rick, “the ex,” seeks revenge against McGarrett’s (Alex O’Loughlin) BFF. And yes, fans should start worrying as Rick particularly enjoys watching Danny suffer. Ruh-roh!

Read more: http://www.eonline.com/news/watch_with_kristin/spoiler_chat_scoop_on_once_upon_time/278639#ixzz1fm6M905K

Could we see Grace in this episode?! I mean, I’d like to think his ex partner, even a pissed off one, wouldn’t go after his daughter! Plus, why is he out for revenge? Does Danno have a secret or something?! It’s funny that I found this today though because just last night I was telling myself we needed a “Danny SOS” episode since pretty much everyone else has had one.

Enough rambling, what did you think of the episode? Any theories?

Gif Source #1: FuckYeahDanno Tumblr
Gif Source #2: SilentBlackShip



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I know I don’t post about it often, but I love the new “Hawaii Five-0.” I love Scott Caan and Alex O’Loughlin. I consider myself a Danno girl and love the bromance the two guys have going on. I’m not sure if I mentioned it but I started planning a cruise for my birthday next year. I turn 30 (I turned 29 on the 4th) and want to do something big. Well, the more I watch Five-0 the more I want to visit Hawaii. I started checking prices and hotels and doing a ton of research.

It’s going to happen! My friends have agreed to do what I want since it’s my birthday after all. It seems that if you book a package deal you can save a good amount of money. Plus we want to go in September which is one of the less busier months and prices drop. I noticed that right away as I found package deals for $1,300 which included airfare and hotel for 6 nights. They had even cheaper deals depending on the hotel you picked too. I saw some around $900. I had a specific hotel in mind though and won’t budge.

I emailed a travel agency that my family uses to get some more information. The best deal I found was through Apple Vacations which I’ve used before and my family has used before. They deal with agency’s though which isn’t a big deal. I’d rather have someone help out just in case something happens. Plus they might be able to find info on upgrades or specials that I wasn’t able to find on my own. Someone will be getting in touch with me mid-week who specializes in Hawaiian vacations.

You have no idea how excited I am. I plan on stalking if it’s possible but if not, I’ll just hit up a tour that will show me where the show films. Oh, plus “Jurassic Park” filmed there and this bitch loves “Jurassic Park!” Honestly, who doesn’t? I want to swim with sharks too. Seriously, there’s a million things I want to do. I guess it’s time to start saving money!

Finally! My Prize Arrived!


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Well, kinda. Remember back in August when I wrote this post about winning a prize pack from SpoilerTV? Yes, August. It was almost like pulling teeth to get my stuff. I emailed them my address like they asked. A few weeks had gone by so I went a follow up email. They told me I needed to email someone else. What? Shouldn’t they take care of all that? I email the new guy. Then I wait again. I don’t want to seem pushy. I never heard anything! I emailed the 1st guy back again and explained that I emailed the person but had yet to hear anything. I finally hear from him only to be told they were out of the original prize that I had one (!!!) but they had another prize pack they could offer me. First I was a little annoyed and pissed. I mean, what the hell? How do you “run out” of a prize that someone won? Then I saw the new prize that was being offered:

Yes, Please! If you click on the picture it’ll take you to the larger version where you can see everything it comes with. The two shirts are really nice and actually fit! I’ve already started using the earbuds too and they are really comfy! The bag itself is sweet too. It’s vinyl which means it’ll be easy to clean after hitting the beach. I don’t remember seeing any sunglasses though in the bag. I’ll have to double check. If they aren’t in there no biggie. I look weird in that style anyway.

I’m just happy to have finally received it. I’ve won things before and I’ve never had to deal with these issues. I mean, I shouldn’t have to track someone down. The company doing the contest should handle all of that. Right?

Fairy Tales, Zombies & Dexter Oh My!


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It’s Monday which means time for another Sunday show rundown! As always, spoilers blah blah blah.

Once Upon A Time:
Another solid episode even though I’m pretty sure that kid is going to get himself killed. I get that kids act on impulse but he needs to wise up and start listening to people if he wants to be around whenever this curse gets lifted. I need Prince Charming & Snow White to get together in Storybrooke now! Ugh. It’s beyond frustrating! I loved the Jiminy Cricket storyline and was glad to see him stand up for himself again the Mayor/Evil Queen. It seems like more and more people are starting to stand up to her.

The Walking Dead:
I’ll admit, I was one of those people who wanted the missing Sophia storyline to be wrapped up. I didn’t care how. I just felt it was dragging on way too long. I mean, come on now! Then, when she came out of the barn at the end, I got a little teary eyed. I actually felt bad for wishing she had become a Walker because I was annoyed with the story. It was a little heart breaking, but then that turned to anger. Did Hershel know that she was in there this whole time?! I mean, WTF man? It was no secret they’ve been looking for this little girl and she’s in your damn barn?! Ugh. I can’t wait to hear him explain that. Oh and you don’t fucking catch Walkers like they’re stray dogs or something. You. Kill. Them. I know Shane has been flying off the handle and a huge ass lately but I agree with him on certain things. I do wonder how long it’ll take before he either kills someone or someone kills him.

I saw two of three “twists” coming. I knew Geller was imaginary from day one. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one either. It was pretty obvious IMO seeing how no one else interacted with him. I knew it was Matthews who had the dead call girl problem. If you remember back to the start of the season his name was in a little black book that was recovered. I wonder how they plan to fuck up Deb? I mean, can’t this girl get a break for once? I didn’t see the twist with the ITK Hand though. That did catch me off guard. I’m interested to see where that goes but I haven’t been impressed with this season of Dexter. I hope it picks up in the last three episodes.