I think I’m going to rejoin a gym. I was a member at Gold’s for awhile but cancelled it earlier this year because I never went and it was a waste of money. Now that I have an awesome vacation coming up and a few extra pounds around the midsection, I think it’s time to suck it up and join another gym.

I won’t be going with Gold’s this time around. I scored a sweet deal the first time I signed up but it was still almost $25 a month plus the large sign up fee. While the gym was awesome, I was paying for things I didn’t use like the classes they offered. I would’ve loved to take a class but the latest seemed to be around 6pm everyday and with work and traffic, I’d barely make it. Instead I think I’m going to go with Planet Fitness. It’s only $10 a month will a small sign up fee or I can pay $99 for a whole year! They have all the basics which is all I need. If I ever did want to take a class, I’d probably just look for something on the outside. There are plenty of yoga studios in the area and other places that offer nothing but classes with various hours. Oh! Another awesome thing about Planet Fitness? They’re open 24 hours during the week! That’s perfect! I’m hoping that means they might be less crowded.

Anyone else thinking about joining the gym or taking some work out related classes?