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I never really take NY Resolutions seriously to begin with. Honestly, how many of us do? I think I’m going to have a simple yet challenging goal for myself. I’m going to try and submit more reviews to TripAdvisor and Yelp.

I know, it sounds really easy and simple but I feel that I suck at writing reviews. I have a hard enough time just writing them for “fun” here on the blog. The thought of someone else reading it for advice on where to stay, eat or visit freaks me out a bit. The only way to get better though is to write more of them. Plus, I use TripAdvisor before every trip. I feel like I “owe it” to them (not sure who I mean by “them?” Other reviewers/users?) to give a little something since I’m always “taking.” I feel like the trip next year to Hawaii will provide me a great chance to write some reviews. I actually wrote a few for some past trips I took this year to kick things off. Plus I head off to Chicago for New Years Eve which will give me a few more chances to write some reviews on things there. Of course I can always review local things to which is probably what I’ll try to do more of on Yelp.

Do you guys have any silly or simple goals or resolutions? Or do ya just skip that foolishness altogether?