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I had been receiving the emails for a few months. They were reminders that my domains were getting ready to expire. I knew of one that I wasn’t going to renew because I ended up not sticking with it, the other I was keeping for various reasons. Then there was the personal blog. Do I keep it? Do I cancel it? I ended up letting it expire. I feel that I’ve moved on from it. I hadn’t blogged there in a few months, probably longer now that I think about it. I’ve been doing most of my blogging here. It still wasn’t an easy choice to make. We get attached to our blogs. It’s a way for people to find us, especially if you’ve had it for a few years. I’m sure some of you out there understand! At the same time though, I think we out grow domain names and the “feel” of a blog.

We change, we move, we meet new people, start new jobs…it only makes sense that we start new blogs.