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I live in Baltimore and here we love and worship our Baltimore Ravens. I think one of the reasons why is because many of the players are really accessible. A number of them do radio shows, autograph signings and other events like showing up at schools. Hell, I was at a bull roast once and Ngata was there! It was a huge surprise.

A few weeks ago a friend and I headed off to a local sports bar for a radio show featuring Ed Reed. The weather was horrible and the Ravens had a short week which meant Monday practice. The show was only from 6pm-8pm and there was still no sign of Reed. We talked about leaving (by now it was 7:30) but couldn’t find our waitress. It was a good thing because in walked Reed. My friend tried to touch him and it was like slow motion. She loves Reed and it was pretty funny to watch. The fact that he still showed up with only 30 minutes to go was awesome. I wouldn’t have blamed him if he hadn’t showed up. It was Thanksgiving Week and like I said, the weather was shit. But he showed up! Not only that, he signed for us! Granted, it was a little unorganized but we managed to make our way up to him and get our little squishy footballs signed. My friend actually told him “I love you.” He smiled and laughed. We’re not sure, but she might be on a list of some sort now.

Ed Reed #20

Squishy Football!

Then this week Jarret Johnson was doing a signing at a local sports store. It wasn’t too far from work which was nice. We had to wait outside in the cold and rain but it was worth it. He was really nice and we were able to get a picture with him. I had him sign a different squishy football but it got smudged a little bit. It’s no big deal because I didn’t plan on selling it or anything. It was really organized though which was nice after dealing with the chaos of a radio show.

Jarret Johnson #95