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Well, kinda. Remember back in August when I wrote this post about winning a prize pack from SpoilerTV? Yes, August. It was almost like pulling teeth to get my stuff. I emailed them my address like they asked. A few weeks had gone by so I went a follow up email. They told me I needed to email someone else. What? Shouldn’t they take care of all that? I email the new guy. Then I wait again. I don’t want to seem pushy. I never heard anything! I emailed the 1st guy back again and explained that I emailed the person but had yet to hear anything. I finally hear from him only to be told they were out of the original prize that I had one (!!!) but they had another prize pack they could offer me. First I was a little annoyed and pissed. I mean, what the hell? How do you “run out” of a prize that someone won? Then I saw the new prize that was being offered:

Yes, Please! If you click on the picture it’ll take you to the larger version where you can see everything it comes with. The two shirts are really nice and actually fit! I’ve already started using the earbuds too and they are really comfy! The bag itself is sweet too. It’s vinyl which means it’ll be easy to clean after hitting the beach. I don’t remember seeing any sunglasses though in the bag. I’ll have to double check. If they aren’t in there no biggie. I look weird in that style anyway.

I’m just happy to have finally received it. I’ve won things before and I’ve never had to deal with these issues. I mean, I shouldn’t have to track someone down. The company doing the contest should handle all of that. Right?