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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! It was pretty uneventful which is always a good thing. I had way too much to eat as to be expected. After stuffing my face I watched my Ravens beat the 49ers. It’s no surprise that the hotter brother won.

Did anyone go out Black Friday shopping? My sister was one of the crazy people that was out last night at Wal-Mart. My mom and I didn’t go out until this morning around 7:00. It was perfect though because most of the crazies were already gone. We checked out Target and Best Buy. The only thing I bought was White Collar: Season One for $7.99 at Target. I almost bought The Walking Dead: Season One but my mom told me not to buy it which mean someone probably bought it for me as a present. My mom did buy me a blu-ray player for my room but I don’t get it until Christmas. That was on sale for $80 at Target. We saw some deals at Best Buy but nothing worth picking up. I don’t need a big ass TV or anything like that plus I didn’t want to buy too many TV show or movies with the holidays and my birthday coming up.

That was it for shopping out of the house. I did buy a few more shows on Amazon that I hadn’t told people that I wanted. I picked up Chuck: The Complete First Season. I started watching the current season and I’ve been enjoying it. Plus Zachary Levi is such a nice guy that I wanted to see more. The other show I picked up was Being Human: The Complete First Season. They were both on sale and I snagged them for around $32 plus free shipping. They might have been cheaper at Target or Best Buy but I actually didn’t see them! It looked like a good amount of the movies and TV shows were sold out or a mess and I wasn’t going to deal with going through everything.

As you can see, I buy more TV shows than movies. There aren’t many movies I’ll watch more than once but I can watch certain shows or episodes 100 times over and over. This is evident by the fact I watch “NCIS” or “Criminal Minds” reruns every day!

How was your Thanksgiving and Black Friday?