Who needs Black Friday to save money? Not this chick, that’s for sure! I was saving money left and right today. I’ve been eying this 5 in 1 personal blender at JC Penny for sometime now. It was on sale for $29.99 (normally $59.99) but thanks to a few $10 coupons, I picked this bad boy up for just $10 after taxes! Then I made my way over to the jewlery department to see if I could find something for my sister since her birthday is coming up. I found these Gray Zebra Crystal Earrings. They were on sale for $59.99 but I had another coupon and saved $10 more. When I got home though I checked the box to see if a price sticker was on it. They were originally $212.99! I saved a fucking arm and leg! I couldn’t believe it!

Since I saved all this money, I was able to buy myself something nice. As soon as I saw these shoes I had to have them. Luckily they had one pair left in my size.

Let Me Love You!

They weren’t on sale but I didn’t care. I needed them. They spoke to me. They called out to my wild side.

I’m not done looking for deals though. I want to pick up a blu-ray player for my bedroom. My TV has a built in DVD player which is nice but nowadays all the extra features are on the blu-ray versions. I’ve seen a few on sale for some decent prices but I’m waiting to see if I can find anything better or maybe some coupons.

What’s the latest deal that you’ve snagged?