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In my opinion, there’s nothing more attractive then a man and his dog. My heart doesn’t melt when a man is holding a baby but give him a dog? Done.

Here we have Ryan Gosling (Who should call the cops for being robbed of Sexiest Man of The Year) with George, Scott Caan with Dot and Chris Evans with East (How awesome is that name?). Then we have Dierks Bentley and his dog Jake. (Jake holds a special place because he looks like my dog Wolf.) These men (to me) are all hot on their own, but add in their four legged friends? I die. Then when you add quotes like this “Animal lovers. When some girls meet a dog, they say, ‘Oh, cute dog.’ Pat. Pat. Others see the dog and drop to their knees to play. If a girl does that, she’s a keeper.” Who said this? Chris Evans. Who does this and has two thumbs? This girl. Who is now convinced that she’s his soul mate? See previous response.

Going back to Dierks & Jake, I actually had the chance to meet Dierks once. It was before a show here in Baltimore. I planned to tell him that our dogs looked alike and I went through with it. When I got up to him I started telling him and looking for a picture of Wolf on my camera. The security guy tried to rush me but I told him to hold on! That’s right, I told him to hold. On. I finally found the picture and showed Dierks and he told me that our dogs could be cousins. There ya have it. My dog has a celebrity cousin. Boom.