This weekend was pretty laid back compared to past weekends. Saturday I didn’t do much but go to the mall with my mom. When we got home I finally cleaned out Dexter the Jeep. I had been putting it off and then the time change happened. I kept wanting to just do it after work one day but now it gets dark way too early. The good thing is it didn’t take long. Everything pretty much just went into the trash. I had tons of trash plus old papers and giveaways from different fundraisers I’ve done in the past. It was a hodgepodge of crap. Not only did I throw stuff away, I actually got the shopvac out and did a little vacuuming as well. Then to top it all off, I sprayed the Febreeze out of it! Tomorrow when I drive to work it should smell all fresh and clean! After that I just bummed around the house and watched “The Losers” again. I mean, with a scene like this, you have to watch it numerous times:

Oh Chris Evans, how I love thee. Then today I officially become a Godmother. My nephew was finally Baptized. Normally this is done before the kid turns a year old but my sister likes to take her time. He’s not a year yet, but he will be on the 27th. I still need to buy him some awesome toys and I still need to buy my sister a birthday gift too. Her birthday is the 28th. Then mine is the 4th. We like to group important events in this family.

Eh, that’s it really. Like I said, pretty laid back!