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It’s Thursday which means another episode of American Horror Story has came and went. As always this one was just as messed up as the last but we learned more about Tate which in turn leads to more theories. Instead of my normal AHS posts, this one is going to focus on Tate and include a bit of a rant.

Just once, I’d love to be able to look up the AHS tag on Tumblr or Twitter and now have it overtaken with stupid girls fangirling themselves to death over Tate! Just. Once. It’s hard to weed through all the bullshit “OMZG! TATE & VIOLET FOREVERZ” in order to find legit ideas/articles/theories. I enjoy the character and I think the actor who plays Tate does an amazing job but come on! Come up with your own tag for it or something.

This is really random but I can picture Evan Peters (Tate) playing a teen version of Dexter. I’m not sure he has the right “look” but I feel like that he can pull of the emotions or lack there of to play the role. I can’t imagine it’s easy to play a role that’s almost a split personality if you will. I think Peters does a great job of that on American Horror Story (SPOILER AHEAD Y’ALL)….. It’s not easy to make an audience feel bad for a school shooter yet Peters does. Those scenes were really great in quality especially since such little dialogue was used.