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Sunday I took part in a Photowalk! It was really fun and it was nice to meet new people. Some of them I “knew” from Twitter but it was nice to put a real face with a real name. The walk took place at Westminster Hall which is where Edgar Allan Poe is buried. I’ve been there a few times before but never for the soul purpose of taking photos. Plus with the tour we were allowed access into the catacombs which are under the church.

If you live in the area and have never been, do it! Even if you aren’t a Poe fan it’s very interesting to see a cemetery that old. It’s amazing and a little weird how in the middle of a busy city you can find this quiet little sanctuary. Plus Poe isn’t the only famous person who rests there. You’ll find General John Stricker, James McHenry and other historical figures. Yes, that’s how old this place is. The burial grounds were established in 1786 by the First Presbyterian Church and then 1852 the church was built over the grounds which created the catacombs. The church is no longer an active place of worship but they do hold various events there and you can even have your wedding there, just without a Mass if that’s your thing. I’ve actually said a few times I’d like to get married there one day.

Enough rambling! Here a few photos I took while wandering around the grounds.



If you want to see more you can check out my Flickr set. I had a really great time! Everyone was really nice and helped answer questions about photography. It was amazing all the different cameras and lenses everyone had. I mean, there I was with my Canon SX30is which is fancy to me but marbles compared to what they had! It was a fun trip though and I stuck to my own person goal of not trying to center everything. Plus I played with the built in black & white setting my camera has. I might even go back on my own to play around a little more.