I really didn’t think picking out a mask for New Years Eve would be this hard! I thought once I had the dress that it would be a piece of cake. Wrong. There’s just too many awesome and beautiful masks out there. I looked on various websites including Ebay and Etsy. I loved what I found on Etsy but I couldn’t justify spending $50(!!) on a mask I’m probably only going to wear once, maybe twice if I’m lucky.

I feel that I’ve looked at hundreds of masks. That might be an exaggeration but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were true. I had picked out one that I thought I liked early on but then I realized I wanted something more glitzy. Translation: I wanted feathers. I looked at all different colors. I looked at red masks. I checked out a few black and silver. I looked at a combination of those colors. Oh, BTW, why must people ruin a great red mask by adding gold touches instead of silver? Why not offer both options? Numerous times I’d find a red mask that I liked and then noticed the trim or whatever was in gold. FAIL. Moving on. I ended up back at the first website I checked out, Success Creations. I then finally settled on red because I wanted something with color and I figure I can wear it with either dress. That’s when I finally after millions of hours and internet searches, purchased this:

Cute, right? It has a little bit of everything. It’s cute, has a feather and a little something something with the lace. Now I finally relax and actually look forward to NYE instead of worrying about a mask!