I’ve been at the office for almost 6 years now (maybe 7?) and I still don’t feel like my office space is my personal space. I’ve started working on that though! I’ve started to slowly add some stuff. I don’t want to add too much though because we’ll be moving into a brand new building next year and I don’t need to have any extra crap to move. Another thing that makes it harder to “decorate” is the fact that my desk setup is weird and my “office” is a corner cube in the main copier area. I don’t have a normal office or cube like most people. I don’t want to have anything too nice out that could walk away because I don’t have a door.

Alright, enough whining. Here’s what I have added though in order to make it more my own personal space. I do have a few family photos. I have a framed picture of my nephew that my sister gave me plus a framed picture of Wolf, my dog. I have a wedding photo from my sister’s wedding that I printed out as well. It’s not framed though, just tacked up. Then I have my Baltimore Orioles 2011 calendar (I still need to pick up the 2012) plus my Buck Showalter bobblehead.

The fun really starts with all my “Keep Calm & ” pictures I’ve started to print out. See, there are perks to working and being in charge of the copiers. You get to print all kinds of crap. Right now I only have three but I can see that expanding soon. I keep doing Google searches for more and it’s amazing and hysterical what people come up with. Oh and in the middle of those I have a picture of Chris Evans as Captain America. Sadly, it’s not a shirtless picture. I’m not 100% sure that would be work appropriate.

It’s a start. I keep toying with the idea of bringing in my talking “Psych” bobbleheads but I’m worried they might walk off. Of course I’m not sure our cleaning people would know who or what they are. I might just wait until we move to bring those in. We’ll see.

What about you guys? How do you make your work space your own?