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If you haven’t seen this weeks “The Walking Dead” please stop reading now. You’ve been warned.

The Talking Dead featured a poll after this weeks episode that asked:

When Shane was running on a sprained ankle away from a herd of zombies, with only two bullets left, alongside Otis, he made a tough decision:

If you were in Shane’s position, what would you do?

Take your chances running with Otis 8443 (62%)
Take the shot and kill Otis 5130 (37%)

REALLY?! You’re telling me people of America that if you were running for your life, and trying to save the life of your friends son, you wouldn’t give up the other guy? REALLY? I’m surprised Otis even made it that far! He was way too slow and had to keep stopping. I honestly thought he was already dead when Shane went out the gym window and Otis went towards the locker rooms.

Come on now! We’re dealing with zombies! This is survival of the fittest and that was not Otis. It’s every man for himself. Now, if we were talking about someone from the group that Shane killed, I could see being all OHNOZ! But this was a man he didn’t really know AND the man who shot his friends kid! Yes, it was an accident but whatever!

Maybe I’m just a coldhearted bitch, but I’m with the minority. You shot the guy and make a run for it to save yourself! AND save your friends kid!