Oh Halloween, How I love you! It’s seriously my favorite holiday. I love the candy and the dressing up and all the scary movies. It’s perfect.

I didn’t have too many plans for this year. Friday night I went to a bull roast called “Bull-O-Ween.” I’ve gone the past three years and it’s put together by a friend I went to school with. The money she raises goes to Breast Cancer too which is really nice. I think the first year she raised $2,000! I went as “Little Red Riding Hood” but I carried an axe. My friend Vicki went as Batgirl, another friend was a Genie and finally the only guy in our little group went as a Mummy. We had a great time! We went last year and actually left after about an hour. We weren’t feeling it but this year, was awesome. The food was great, the crowd was pretty good and the music was decent too. It did seem that the DJ played a few of the “line dance songs” more than once and I don’t remember hearing any Lady Gaga! I mean, how can you celebrate Halloween yet play NO Lady Gaga?

Some of the costumes we saw were pretty creative too. We saw a pair dressed as “Double Dare.” Remember that show? I loved it as a kid and always wanted to be on it. Someone else was dressed as cemetery cross. She was covered in fake flowers. It really was awesome. Of course we saw a couple zombie costumes and a group came as “Angry Birds” with some of them dressing as the pigs. There were a few girls just wearing corsets basically. I have no idea what they were supposed to be. There was one guy dressed as Tom Cruise from “Risky Business.” That was creative and different. It seemed most of the guys just threw on Ravens jerseys and their tailgating make up and called it a day.

We closed the dance floor down and stayed the entire time this year, leaving around 1am. It was a great time and I always look forward to it! Plus my friend won an award! She snagged “Most Likely To Be Arrested!”

That’s pretty much all I did for Halloween believe it or not. I couldn’t find anyone to go out Saturday night plus it snowed. Yes, you read that right. It snowed here Saturday. It’s October! It shouldn’t be snowing yet! Today I’m just relaxing at home. Tomorrow I’ll probably wear my Captain America stuff and call it a day as far as a costume for work. Then it’s Aiden (my nephews) first Halloween! I’m looking forward to taking him out!