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Yes, there will be spoilers. If you didn’t watch the recent episode, then stop reading now!

I don’t even know where to start, which is how I feel after every episode. I guess I’ll start by saying I love Zachary Quinto! I think he’s doing a really great job and I hope he’s around for a little while. The opening flashback was set in 2010 which I liked. I’m glad to see them switch it up with something more recent instead of the early years of the house. Now let’s try to break the foolishness down.

Rubber Man Is Back
He showed up in the flashback and killed poor Chad and his partner (I’m assuming?). But still, who the hell is he? We now know he’s been in the house for at least a year. BFF thinks that maybe he’s the doctor that had the house built. The twist with Tate was interesting but I don’t think he’s RM. I think it was just a funny gag the show pulled on us. We kept seeing RM throughout the episode though.

Is She Having Satan’s Spawn?
Vivian rushes to the hospital because she feels the baby kicking which must be wrong because she’s only 8 weeks along. The nurse checks it out and faints. Why? WTF is wrong with the baby? Is it just farther advanced? Is it in pieces like the baby of the Doctor? Does it look like the baby the Doctor tried to sew back together? What’s even more confusing about it is the hospital lets them leave! I mean, if it was something serious wouldn’t she be forced to stay? Unless they just rushed out because of the issues back home with Violet and the crazy ass burned guy.

Another Doctor/Wife Flashback
There was another flashback to the Doctor and his wife. This time it was presented in “scary story” form by Tate. We find out that an angry boyfriend of one of his patients found out about the abortion the Doctor performed. The guy calls the house and pretty much threatens their baby. The Wife is all OMGZ! and rushes up stairs to see the baby, Charles, missing. (Sidenote: This made me think of Charles Lindbergh kidnapping. Baby missing from crib, ladder outside…) I’m not sure how long the search went on but the police show up with the baby, well parts of it, in a box. Since the Doctor has some issues, he tries to sew the baby back together and go all Dr. Frankenstein on it. Tate ends the story with the baby still roaming the basement. (Think back to the 1st episode)

Halloween Is FTW If You’re A Ghost

If you’re a ghost, your ass loves Halloween! Why? Because you can roam around! As we saw in this episode the Maid was able to visit her mother and Tate was able to go get coffee with Ben!

Halloween Is NOT FTW If You’re Constance
Why? Because your daughter who you love yet treat like shit gets hit by a car and dies. The interesting thing was how she tried to drag the body over to the Harmon House hoping (?) that if she died on the property she’d be stuck here, or at least come back as a ghost. I’m still not convinced those two aren’t already dead though. Maybe Addy died as a child like she did on Halloween and every Halloween it replays over and over? Maybe?

Yes, there was a huge “OH SHIT!” moment at the end of the episode. Not only is Violet missing (maybe safe with Tate?) but guess who shows up? THE DEAD CRAZY BITCH BEN WAS CHEATING WITH! She’s a ghost y’all! of course the episode ended on that note. I think I actually said out loud “Are you kidding me?!” You know Hayden is going to fuck shit up too.

Yet again we’re left with a shitload of questions. Who’s Rubber Man? I thought Chad & his boyfriend committed suicide? That’s what the Realtor told the Harmon’s anyway! Hell, is she dead too? WTF is going on with the baby? Where’ Violet? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

What do you guys think? Anyone else have a headache?