Normally I don’t give two shits about New Years Eve. I don’t like large groups of people, especially large groups of drunk people. This year though I’m going out to Chicago to visit the BFF and my other Chicagoland friends. I’m even more excited because the party we’re going to has a Masquerade theme! That means we get to wear awesome masks and dress up! Hey, I don’t get to dress up very often. When the opportunity arises I get pretty excited.

I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to find a dress that wasn’t too expensive. I want something wearable for future events but I don’t want to spend an arm and leg. Luckily I stopped by JC Penny this weekend and they had a pretty great sale going on. The dresses were 50% off plus if you used your JCP card you earned another 20% off! Wouldn’t you know it, I just happen to have a card. Of course now that I found a sale, the hard part was trying on 343249086 dresses and finding one that I liked, that fit and would work for the party. I really lucked out. I managed to find two, yes TWO, dresses that I liked and were on sale! Of course now I have a whole new problem…picking one for the party! You can see one dress to the left. The other is a little similar. It has a solid black bottom half but the top area is zebra print. What can I say, I’m a sucker for animal print.

In the end it’ll probably come down to which mask I pick. I’ve found a few that I like. It’s just hard to make a choice because all of them are amazing. Ugh! I hate making choices!