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I finally saw “What’s Your Number?” over the weekend. It was cute and predictable like most romantic comedies. It was pretty funny though and I enjoyed it! I mean, what’s not to enjoy about this?

Ladies, am I right? Plus I like Anna Farris. I think she’s adorable. The only thing that sucked was the fact I had to see it at the craptasic theater because it’s no longer playing at the good one. I was the only person in the room. Seriously. Plus the sound was acting up and I had to go out and tell someone to fix it. I honestly have no idea how the location is still open. They don’t even staff the ticket booth. Instead you purchase your movie tickets at the concession stand! It’s a hot mess really.

I still need to see “Ides of March.” Maybe I’ll aim for next weekend to see that. And I’m annoyed that “Puncture” isn’t playing near me.

Did you see any movies this weekend?