We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn Times Square which provided an amazing view of the Empire State Building from our window and was an easy walk to the hustle and bustle of Times Square. We didn’t really see much of the city until Saturday night after a long day of Coning. After dropping our stuff off at our room we checked out a little bit of NYC.

While walking around TS, we witnessed a gay wedding! There was a crowd and my friend thought maybe a street performer was in the center of it but when I managed to sneak a peak I saw a bride in a wedding dress and the other bride in a uniform of some sort. It wasn’t military/police but maybe Transit Authority? Of course it could have been something from a SciFi show for all I know. It was really sweet though. Just goes to show you never know what you might come across in New York City. After wandering around and taking our typical tourist pictures we grabbed a slice (or two) of pizza from Ray’s Pizza. It was pretty good but honestly at that point I could’ve been eating tree bark and I would’ve been happy. After chowing down we made the walk past Radio City Music Hall and made our way down to Rockefeller Center. Believe it or not they have the ice rink set up already! It wasn’t open of course but it’s being installed. Since it was getting pretty late and we had been up since 6am, we headed back to the hotel.

Earlier we had noticed a very large police presence in Times Square. It actually made us feel unsafe if that makes any sense. Well, when we got back to the hotel we found out what was up. It turns out we had just missed the Occupy Wall Street protesters by a few minutes! It was all over the news. We had actually seen a few lone protesters walking around but didn’t think anything of it really.

Sunday we wanted to check out NYCC again but first we stopped by Donna Bell’s Bake Shop which is owned partly by Pauley Perrette who stars as “Abby” on NCIS. It was amazing! It’s very small and if you weren’t looking for it you’d probably walk right past it. It was very hard to choose but I ended up having a Candied Peach w/ Streusel Muffin and a Southern Sweet Tea. They were both fantastic! Plus the prices were beyond reasonable! My muffin was only $3.75 and it was a good size muffin! My medium tea was $2.75 I think? It was really shocked at how low the prices were to be honest but in a good way of course! The two guys who were working the counter were extremely nice and friendly. They answered any questions people had and even made some recommendations when they saw I was having a hard time picking what I wanted. If you’re ever in NYC I highly recommend checking this place out!

Sadly, that was pretty much it for NYC. We didn’t really have the time to check out anything else since we were in town for a reason. Here are a few pictures though of stuff I did see!

DSC03420 DSC03429 DSC03430 DSC03434