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I’m going to be all over the place on this most likely. I was in NYC for New York Comic Con (NYCC) over the weekend. It’s a huge east coast comic/entertainment convention in case you’re wondering. This post is going to talk about that chaos and the following post will talk about other NYC stuff. Sound good? Awesome.

One of the best things about attending NYCC this year was the fact I finally got to meet my online friend Irma! I’ve known her for years through blogging and it was great to finally meet her! She has a webcomic and was attending the event to promote it. Of course I picked up a book of her work! I stopped by pretty much every day (except Saturday) to see how her sales were doing and to chat. I couldn’t imagine having to pretty much look happy an entire weekend and talk up strangers about my work. It had to be exhausting for her!

Another totally awesome person I got to chat with was Peter S. Beagle. You know him as the man behind The Last Unicorn. I loved the movie as a kid and my sister actually bought the blu-ray version for me as a present a few years ago. He was extremely nice and asked for my business card when he saw I was “Press!” That was a bit of a thrill for me to be honest. I explained what my blog (When Nerds Attack) was about and he offered a few of his own Convention tips! It was great! I ended up buying a copy of The Last Unicorn Graphic Novel (which is beyond beautiful) which he signed for me.

That all happened on Friday! I wasn’t even in NYC for a whole day and I had all of that happen. That was just the warm up to Saturday though which was “Avengers” Day. The whole reason I was attending was for this movie:

I won’t bore you with minor details. I will tell you I was at the convention center by 7:15am for a panel that didn’t start until 6:00pm-ish. Yes, I sat in a room all day. No, I never left. Not even to use the bathroom. That’s just how I roll at crazy ass conventions. The highlight of the panel for me was seeing Chris Evans up close and personal. Well, I guess I wouldn’t call it personal but I doubt I’ll ever get closer to the guy. He’s adorable. I think he must be shy to some extent because he wore a hat the entire time and seemed maybe a little uncomfortable about the whole thing. I mean, he was great! He answered questions and joked around but I think he might be getting use to this whole big ass movie star thing. After the panel ended Mark Ruffalo (He’ll be playing Hulk/Bruce Banner) did a quick little signing and I was able to get my badge signed. I didn’t have anything else on me!

Here are a few pictures from the Avengers panel:



Not too shabby eh? I wish my pictures were a little better but it’s my own fault. I’m still learning my “fancy” camera but I’m happy with what I have. After the panel though I was interviewed by ABCNews Radio but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. I sent them a Tweet but no response!

The rest of New York Comic Con was uneventful for the most part. I picked up an adorable Captain America print by Ann Cain. I love it because he’s not wearing a helmet. Yes, I’m shallow. He has a pretty face and I want to see it. I received a few compliments on my Captain America shield hair clip which was nice. Plus I was hit on by some random kid. I’m not sure how old he was but I couldn’t imagine he was older than 20/21. That was a Con first. All in all it was a good Con though. I saw everything I wanted to see for the most part and didn’t run into any major issues. Here are a few more random pictures from New York Comic Con!

DSC03306 DSC03329 DSC03414 DSC03437 DSC03338 DSC03323 DSC03312 DSC03303

You can find all my NYCC photos here! Expect my NYC post later this week!