I know, I know. I’m late but I DVR’d it this week and finally had time to watch it last night after returning home from NYC. I don’t have as many questions this time around but I do have a theory.

I think Tate might be the neighbors son. There’s two main reasons why I think this. The first is she mentioned she had other children including a son that she “lost.” Who knows what that means exactly. Did he die? Was he killed? Did he runaway? The other reason is when they were in the basement (Tate, Neighbor & Maid) to clean up “the mess” Tate mentioned they’d have to do something if she (Neighbor) wanted the husband to keep treating him. Why would the neighbor care unless there’s something big in the works.

Oh and I do have a WTF Moment. WTF at locking your kid in a closet filled with mirrors and making her look at herself! And Harry Potter thought he had it bad having a room under the steps!

Oh and something else! My BFF thinks that Tate is there to protect Violet (the daughter). He seems to show up when she needs help. But why is the Neighbor trying to harm (even kill?) her? I don’t get that. Is she jealous of Tate and Violet? Maybe another reason to think she might be his mother?

Ugh. I feel another AHS induced headache coming.