Tomorrow I head up to NYC for New York Comic Con! I’m really excited. This is actually my 4th Comic Con this year! I can’t believe I’ve attended that many. It doesn’t feel like it that’s for sure!

I’m most excited about two things. One is finally meeting Irma! I’ve “known” her forever. It’s been a good number of years now. I feel like we should’ve met way before now but it’s kinda hard when you live in two different countries! The 2nd thing is attending “The Avengers” panel. I pretty much plan on camping out Saturday for it. It’s my #1 “Must See” and I will not miss it. I must breathe the same air as Chris Evans. Actually, this will be the 2nd time. The first time was during San Diego Comic Con when we went to a special screening of “Captain America” and he thanked everyone for coming out and what not.

Chris Evans! OMGZ!

See! There he is! Swoon. So if you see someone decked out in various Captain America stuff Saturday up in NYC, it’s this chick.

Another non-convention thing I’m super excited about doing is checking out Donna Bell’s Bake Shop. Why? Because it’s owned by Pauley Perrette. You might know her better as “Abby” from NCIS. I love the character of “Abby” and Pauley is adorable as well. I believe the plan is to check it out Sunday for brunch!

Anyone else have any exciting weekend plans?