Next weekend I head off to New York City for New York Comic Con! I’ll be there Friday – Sunday and I’m beyond excited. A friend/coworker and her husband are tagging along. It should be a great time.

Of course I used this as an excuse to buy stuff. I mean, I can’t wear the same stuff to two different conventions. I need to keep it fresh! What did I order? I’m glad you asked. I just ordered this yesterday:

Awesome right? Who doesn’t love Iron Man? I wanted to mix it up a little. I need to spread the love and not keep it all for Captain America. Don’t worry though. Hopefully this will arrive in time:

If not I’ll be pissed and probably just end up wearing my San Diego Comic Con Captain America shield shirt that I scored at the screening of the movie.

Friday I’ll be rocking Iron Man and Saturday will be Captain America. Why? Because the “Avengers” panel is Saturday and Chris Evans will be there. I must represent!