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I’ve been looking forward to American Horror Story by FX since I first heard about it. I feel that TV needs more creepy shows and maybe less about lawyers and doctors. I remember when “Fear Itself” was on NBC (I think?) a few years ago but sadly, the Olympics were the same year and it never came back from hiatus.

Now this post isn’t going to be a review because I don’t even know where to start. It’s more or less going to be a rambling because I have a shit load of questions.

1. Who’s dead? Who’s not?
I’m pretty sure the family is alive but after that? I have no idea. My BFF and I both pretty much agree that anyone not in the family is most likely dead. I’m still not sure about the old lady neighbor though. Something is up with her, I’m just not sure what.

2. Tate
BFF has a theory that he’s actually a demon and controls the house. We both think he’s the one who killed the Twins at the beginning of the episode. But where did he come from? He’s supposed to be a patient of the father but you don’t see him dropped off. You don’t see him picked up. Plus he ends up wandering around the house and just chillin with the daughter! I mean, obviously they see this kid but the father doesn’t notice him coming and going? At one point he did call 911 (I’m assuming) about the kids thoughts and behaviors (Father is a shrink and has a duty to report harmful thoughts/behavior) but it seemed like no one knew of this kid? Plus the father didn’t have a SSN or anything. I mean, don’t you normally fill out paper work to see a doctor? Wouldn’t that information be on the paper work?

3. Surprise! I’m pregnant!
A little family back story is needed for this I guess. The family is husband, wife and daughter. The couple had a miscarriage and the husband ended up cheating on his wife with a 20 something student of his. The family moves (across the country it seems) to start a new life because we all know that works out so well. We learn during the episode that the couple hasn’t had sex in a year. I’m assuming part of that is the rough pregnancy and the other half is the fact he cheated.

Throughout the episode the husband is trying to show affection to the wife and put the moves on her. She’s still pissed though and pulls away. They end up having a huge fight about everything from the miscarriage to the cheating to the fact the wife bought a dog. But imagine that, the fighting turns them both on and they finally get back together in the bedroom sense. That’s not the only time the wife has sex in the episode though. She ended up having sex with who she thought was her husband wearing a pleather suit but we’ll get into that later. Anyway, at the end of the episode she tells her husband she’s pregnant. Now, I don’t believe it was a few weeks or a month later or anything like that. It seemed to me anyway that they had sex and then a day or two later she’s all OMGZ! I’m pregnant! And I get that it’s her husband she’s telling but after such a rough pregnancy before, wouldn’t you wait a little bit to tell anyone? Again, maybe I missed the timeline but it seemed that everything was flowing in order and that there wasn’t a large lapse in time between all the events. Alright, enough on the pregnancy. I’m getting a headache and still have more to question!

4. Pleather Man
Another is he real? Is he not? Did she just imagine him? Was it a dream? If he IS real (ghost/demon/whatever) then who is? The other “ghosts” that we’ve seen so far we know who they are and where they came from. This “guy” came out of the blue really. And if you’ve been checking out the website the main image makes you wonder just who is the baby daddy?

Seriously, that’s all I can handle for right now. My head is spinning and I think I’m going to try and rewatch the episode to see if I can pick up on anything that I might have missed. All I know is I’m hooked.