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I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping up with this Halloween related posting spree. I know it’ll take a hit over the next two weekends but oh well!

If you’re a fan of horror/scary movies then I have some great news for you! Right now you can save some extra cash by shopping with Amazon! Here’s a few of the deals I’ve found so far.

A Nightmare on Elm Street [Blu-ray] is only $9.99 at the moment which is 50% off! If you’re a fan of the “Friday the 13th” remake that came out in 2009, you can pick that up for $6.98 which is 53% off. Maybe you’re more of a classic horror fan and enjoy a little black and white. You’re in luck! The Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection is 56% off at the moment. Wait? You want classic but in color? Hmm. What about Tales from the Crypt: The Complete First Season for just $12.99?

As you can see, the deals are flying on Amazon right now! There are a ton more on sale but obviously I can’t list them all here. Hopefully you’ll find something to keep you up at night!