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Instead of the typical Halloween posts about movies and the like, I’m going a little different. I don’t know about you but I like having pieces of Halloween out year long. An easy way to do that is through picture frames! It’s a great way to showcase your Halloween party from years past or just a favorite photo in general. It adds a little fun to the room. The nice thing is too if you wait long enough they’ll go on sale and they really never go out of style.

I’ve already picked up one this year from Kohls and it was 40% off! To be honest, I wouldn’t pay full price for most of them but here’s what I’ve bought:

Cute right? It’s on sale for $8.99 as well. If you want something a little more “traditional” though and less glitter, these are cute too.

Just like the first frame, both are on sale. I believe they are only $6.49 each.

Of course I’m sure other stores have Halloween frames too but I saw these this past weekend and wanted to make sure I shared them! If I find more perhaps I’ll do another post!