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Saturday night I saw Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat with a friend and her daughter. It was her daughter’s first concert! How exciting right? And seriously, she couldn’t have picked a better artist for her “first.” Jason always puts on a great show. We saw him a few years ago and since then we’ve been waiting for him to come back to the area. We were worried it would rain (outside concert) but the weather held out and it was perfect.

Colbie opened the show and performed most of her hits and a new song or two. She’s very pretty in person and has a wonderful voice. My friend was worried she wouldn’t know any songs but turns out we both knew every song she performed. She even did a cover for the song “Breakeven” by The Script.

It’s funny. She mentioned the name of the band and the song and I was like “Who?” and then once it started up I recognized it right away. I must be out of touch with today’s music scene…but honestly I’m OK with that. Here are a few pictures of Colbie!

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Jason took the stage later in the evening and did not disappoint! He performed all his hits plus a few covers like “Sign Sealed Delivered” and the theme to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Of course the 15 year old teen asked “Who’s that?” and I instantly felt old. During the show he actually told us that this was the bands first show with him! You honestly couldn’t tell! They should be really proud of themselves. He thanked everyone for coming out even though he hasn’t had a new record in two years. He is working on one though which has me super excited. Here’s a video of his “Singed Sealed Delivered” cover.

One thing’s for sure, even though we had seen him once already, this show was 100% different. I’ll admit I was a little worried it would be the same show we saw last time but it was far from it. It was much more laid back and different style wise. I don’t remember him having a Jazz trio last time but he did during this show. It really was an experience! Here are some pictures!

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Oh! How could I forget this?

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I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention this! Colbie came out during Jason’s set and they performed “Lucky” together! I was hoping they would. I mean, I think it would’ve been a bigger shock if they hadn’t performed this song!

If you ever get the chance to catch either of these artist live, DO IT! You won’t be disappointed!

FYI, Photos are mine but the videos are from Youtube!