I came across Wine & Love while visiting the wonderful blog of Suki. I figured I’d give it a go. Perhaps it’ll help with blogging and gaining a few more readers!


1. It seems like people at work are never happy. They bitch about the old copiers and then complain about the new ones.

2. Money, but isn’t that a “wine” for most people?

3. The weather! It’s been gloomy as hell lately and I hate it! Rain Rain Go Away!

4. I had blood drawn Saturday. I hate needles. It wasn’t too bad though but still.


1. Dead Man’s Bones which is the band formed by Ryan Gosling and his friend Zach Shields. I’m probably tardy to the party but oh well. I downloaded the album on iTunes after seeing a video of a performance and love it! It’s very Halloween and I love Halloween! Here’s a video of “In The Room Where You Sleep.”

2. New York Comic Con! I’ll be headed there with a friend and her hubby. I’m excited since it’s my first time plus there’s going to be an “Avengers” panel by Marvel. I’m hoping Chris Evans or Robert Downey Jr. show up! If they do, I might just die.

3. Jason Mraz! I saw him Saturday night along with Colbie Caillat and it was amazing just like last time! He did a cover of “Signed Sealed Delivered” and I loved it! I can’t wait for his next tour. Expect a post with pictures soon.