Because of you, I’m going to be spending more money at the movies the next few weeks than I normally do over the course of a few months! Seriously, can’t you guys team up and spread your movies out more? I’m looking at you Chris Evans & Ryan Gosling. Just look at this schedule!

Drive 9/16 (Seen)
What’s Your Number? 9/30
Ides Of March 10/7
Puncture 10/7 (Maybe?)

I mean, really? There’s a maybe next to “Puncture” because it’s one of those limited release deals but when I asked the production company via Twitter, they said expect more cities to be announced around October 7th. Here’s hoping Baltimore is one of them or I’m going to be really sad.

This doesn’t even take into consideration the scary movies that are coming out that I’d like to see.

Anyone else have any movie plans in the work?