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Friday night I saw “Drive” with a friend and loved it! It’s not your typical action movie or car chase movie. If you go in expecting “Fast & The Furious” or some other junk, you’ll be disappointed. If you go in expecting great acting along with a great score and a wonderful style, you’ll be blown away.

This movie isn’t for everyone. There’s actually very little dialogue which can make for uncomfortable movie goers. I heard a few giggles during some of the longer moments of silence but it’s all part of what makes this movie unique and awesome. Driver (he doesn’t even have a name, that’s how bad ass he is) doesn’t need to open his mouth to get his point across. Gosling did such an amazing job with just using his body language and eyes. I don’t care how awesome of an actor you are, many can’t pull of the “strong but silent” type but Gosling did. I’m sure it actually surprised a few people to be honest, especially when they violence kicks in.

Yes, there’s violence. It’s right up there with Tarantino style violence. There isn’t much if any portrayed in the commercials/previews but it kicks into high gear in the second half of the movie. If you’re a Ryan Gosling fangirl and you’re going because you think he’s hot and you want to have his babies, you’ll probably end up feeling uncomfortable. I’m not kidding either. The lady next to me was shifting in her seat most of the movie and I actually heard her say “I wasn’t expecting this” at one point. I was fine with it, obviously if you know me you know violence doesn’t phase me. I didn’t feel it was unneeded or pointless. It was the world Driver and the others lived in. Let’s face it, you can’t be a wheel-man and not be able to handle your own or have a dark side.

Is this movie for everyone? No. But if you appreciate a great story and great acting, I highly recommend it. I think as an audience we’re just so use to huge special effects and movies with $100 million dollar budgets that when a great little movie with a gritty feel comes along, it gets lost in the mayhem of the box office.