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If you live in the Baltimore area and are looking for something to do on November 6th, why not check out the Fall Photowalk at Edgar Allan Poe’s Grave! It’s going to be a great time. It’s $10 but it includes a special private tour. There’s only room for 25 people and right now there’s 17 tickets left. The walk is being put together by Joe and Zach, two local photographers!

It really is going to be a great time. If you’ve ever wanted to check out the Poe grave, this would be the perfect time to do it. It’s getting to be Fall and I know my favorite thing about this time of year is Halloween and spooky stuff! I think this fits into the “spooky stuff” category for sure.

Joe & Zach are behind the Photowalk Alliance as well. If you’re a photographer and in the MD/VA/PA area, you might want to check it out!