A few weeks ago I entered the SpoilerTV Necessary Roughness $185 Fan Pack Giveaway and I just found out I won! How awesome is that? Here’s what I won:

Necessary Roughness Nylon Bag
Necessary Roughness Football
$100 American Express Gift Card
Stress Relief Body Products
USA Summer T-Shirt
USA 10-City Summer Guide

Obviously I’m most excited about the $100 gift card but I’m a huge fan of “Necessary Roughness” and excited about winning those goodies too. If you don’t watch the show, you should. It airs on the USA Network and the finale’ is tonight at 10pm! I think it’s 10pm, it could be 9pm (EST of course). Just check your local listings. If you’ve missed it, I do believe it’s on OnDemand.

I can’t wait to receive all my goodies! Thanks again SpoilerTV!