Instead of waiting until I had a large amount saved up I went ahead and put an extra $1,000 on the Jeep! I can just feel that loan vanishing! I can’t wait. Once that’s gone it shouldn’t take me long to save up a decent down payment for a house! A few of the houses I’ve looked at online wouldn’t require a large DP. I’ll look into assistance again as well but that’s a huge Catch 22.

They want to help you. You qualify for “free money”! Yay! You see how much you can get preapproved for by the bank. Hmm, it’s kinda low. But you have “free money!” But the house can’t be “as is” or a short sale/foreclosure. Hmm. Now you’re stuck because with the amount you’re approved for, that’s all you can afford!

I swear, I feel that single people get fucked over left and right sometimes. Eh, whatever. If I can save up $5,000 I should be good on the price range I’ve been looking at.

Oh and for fun: