I’m working on a few posts about my Nashville vacation but I had to vent.

I’m really starting to hate my job. I know most people say that but everyday I daydream about just storming out. Just leaving and saying “Fuck It.” Of course that won’t happen because I need money to pay bills and all that fun adult stuff.

While I was on vacation, just two days mind you, nothing was done. My “boss” and I use that term lightly is supposed to fill in when I’m out. I have no idea WTF he did while I was gone but I know he didn’t handle anything in my department. He was even offered help which he of course turned down because he’d much rather run around like an idiot then accept help. When his position was created (Yup, he worked in another department but was moved and new position was actually created for him) it was everyone’s understanding he’d fill in and handle my job when I wasn’t here. Well, it doesn’t seem like that’s happening! This isn’t the first time either. It always happens when I’m on vacation. It’s beyond annoying. Especially when I already know ahead of time that I’ll have other reports waiting for me when I return. The last thing I need to see on my 1st day back is a request inbox filled with shit because someone couldn’t be bothered or accept help.

I have no idea WTF is going to happen when I’m off for a week in July. If he can’t handle two days, how the hell is he going to handle a week? I should probably talk to him or someone here about it but I feel it would be pointless. Plus I’d get beyond pissed and end up saying something bad. Shocking I know!