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This past weekend I went up to Philly with a few friends to check out the Philly Comic Con. That’s how I roll in case you didn’t know. We only went up for the day, Saturday, but turns out that was enough for me to catch the “Con Crud.” I woke up Sunday morning feeling a little crappy but by the end of the day it was full on crappy. I actually stayed home yesterday because my throat was killing me and my ears were itchy. Of course all of this is happening just a few days before I head off to Nashville. Are you kidding me? Hopefully loading myself up with drugs and getting sleep will help it go away by then.

I won’t go in to detail about the Philly Comic Con but I will mention that I got to meet Julie Benz, better known as “Darla” from Buffy/Angel and “Rita” from Dexter. She was very nice and even prettier in person. I had her sign an awesome Dexter poster that I had bought a few months ago. I’m hoping to get more of the cast to sign it. She really liked the poster and asked if I had made it. I explained to her it was created by Ty Mattson and told her about his other Dexter posters. I think she liked signing something different and unique! Anyway, here she is signing it!