I think I need to switch gyms. There’s nothing wrong with where I go. I just wish it was closer to work. I mean, by the time I deal with traffic for 45 minutes (at least) I really don’t feel like going to the gym. Plus once I actually get home, I stay home. If I switched to something closer to work I could kill two birds with one stone. I’d go to the gym AND I’d miss traffic. I figure if I worked out for an hour or more, by the time I was done traffic wouldn’t be as bad.

The downside? Most of the gyms near work cost much more than what I pay now. Some are $50 a month! I only pay $24.99 at the moment. Of course most of those gyms have pools though which is nice. I think work has a deal with a few different gyms. I might check with HR and see if any of those deals are still on. Plus there’s the hassle of canceling the current membership. I’m sure they’ll want a vile of blood or a first born.

We’ll see. Maybe I’ll go ahead and cancel and just wait to see if any of the gyms offer some type of deals or even a Groupon or something! But I need to get my ass in gear.