…People stop by your desk on Monday to make sure you survived, along with everyone else.

After work on Friday there was a Happy Hour at a newish bar near work (location is new, the chain is not). I had been there once before after softball and enjoyed it but I could make it a regular spot now. There was actually a pretty good turn out which was a surprise since this wasn’t a special occasion Happy Hour or anything. It might have been because it was a new spot.

It lasted until 1am. We were there (well, some of us) for 8 hours. 8. Hours. I really didn’t plan to stay that long. I thought I’d be out of there by 8pm or 9pm at the latest but nope. I partied my ass off. In the end there were only 5 of us left and luckily it was all people that I liked. Here are a few funny/awkward moments that I remember!

1. One girl fell and took someone out with her. She didn’t remember this happened until Sunday.

2. An engaged coworker was trying to get with every girl there and confessed to us he really isn’t love with his fiance’. We’re trying to find out if it was truth or just the booze talking.

3. One guy woke up the next morning with a ton of Chinese food boxes but doesn’t remember stopping to buy it.

4. This same guy “meditated” on the hood of another persons car to stop them from leaving.

5. Someone (not anyone in our group) got sick in the parking lot.

6. I found pictures on my phone I don’t remember taking.

I’m sure I’ll remember more as the week goes on.